Homeschool to Higher Ed Course PLUS FREEBEES! by Melissa Amaya

Homeschool to Higher Ed Course PLUS FREEBEES!

FREE Month-by-month calendar AND 6-Step Guide to Apply to College when you buy the course.

What's included

A Junior's Guide to College Application Readiness

Are you currently a Junior in High School or have a son or daughter who is? This freebee is for you! Here is your monthly guide for what you need to be doing in preparation for the college application season. I will break down for you what steps and actions you should be taking from January of your Junior year into December of your Senior year as you first prepare for application season and then as you begin filling out applications. This free guide can stand on its own but is a great addition to the Homeschool to Higher Ed course. (If you are not a homeschooler, no worries - much of the information in the course applies to you as well -- if you are unsure if it's the right course for you, email me with your questions: Download this step-by-step calendar today and be ahead of the college application 'game'.

FREE Applying to College Cheat Sheet

Consider this your Application Blueprint. This pdf cheat sheet goes over 6 aspects of applying to college. The college application process is multifaceted and can be overwhelming at times. This free guide will walk you through the main steps of applying to college so that this complicated process doesn't also become stressful. 1. ACT vs. SAT. What is it? Why does it matter? What should I do about it? 2. College Visits - What should I be looking for when I visit a school? What questions should I ask? How do college visits factor into the college decision process? 3. Application Fundamental - Who? What? Where? Why? When? You will get a walkthrough of the basics on literally how and where and when to apply. 4. Admissions - Learn what are colleges really looking at. What do they care about and what do they not care about? 5. Financial Issues - You will understand how financial aid works and how to maximize the financial aid benefits you receive. 6. Making a School List - At the heart of applying to colleges is making that school list. You will get a framework to systematically create a school list that best reflects your goals, values and interests.

Homeschool to Higher Ed

Equip yourself with the information you need to confidently navigate the college application process.

Simplifying the college process for homeschoolers!

Homeschool mom + EdTech day job = Homeschool to Higher Ed

Where do we apply? How does financial aid work? Which schools are a good fit? 

Hi!  I'm Melissa.  I homeschool my four kiddos in hot and sunny Alabama while also working for an EdTech company that interacts with High School seniors and college advisors on a daily basis as they navigate the college application process.  

I have combined my love of education with my knowledge of the college process and turned in into a resource to help YOU!

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I'm committed to helping your family confidently and competently navigate the college application process.  It may be complicated, but it doesn't have to be stressful.