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As a homeschool mom, I want to give my children a customized education.  I want to find the best curriculum for their learning style, provide the best activities for their interests and skills, and guide them wisely into adulthood.

For those of my children who head to college, part of that guidance is ensuring we find them their best college fit.  


But that's easier said than done.


The standard blueprint high schoolers work off of when it comes to applying to colleges often looks like this:


  • What school has the lowest sticker price?
  • Which one is closest to home?  (Or farthest from home)
  • Find the one that will let me finish as fast as humanly possible.
  • Which one has the best ranking?


Or any number of other one dimensional categorizations.


When I was applying to college ever-so-long ago, I fell into this trap as well. I was given a singular framework for thinking about college - "Get into the best academic school possible." Sure, I needed to apply to multiple schools, I needed a safety school in case everything else fell through, but the singular goal was the highest ranking possible.


While that advice landed me in a fabulous school, which provided a well-respected degree and an impressive first salary with a promising trajectory - it came at a cost I was unprepared for.  My four years were spent wondering if I was in the right place. constantly frustrated and stressed about taking classes that didn't fully interest me, while also feeling guilty for failing to appreciate where I was. I was launched into a career that didn't fully fit my goals or interests, and at the age of 22, I felt pigeonholed into a particular career track.


That was a lifetime ago.  In between then and now, I left my job, birthed four children, and began to rethink the standard educational path.  With hindsight that comes from experience, I could see that I pursued a very standard, yet unfulfilling game plan.  It was a plan and a path that so many of us pursue, often without realizing it.  

You see, I did a superb job of following the blueprint that was given to me, but that wasn’t the best blueprint for me, or for anyone.  What was missing was a better blueprint that recognized me as an individual, not as a cog moving down the educational factory line.  What was needed was a blueprint that would enable me to consider the best school for my unique combination of interests, skills, and goals and how to combine those to create my own unique path, both for education and for career. 


As a homeschooler, every day I have a direct say in the direction that education takes for my children, as do you.  But so many of us are still making decisions about college from one of the many faulty blueprints.  

And so, as my children approach college age, I decided to put together the blueprint I wish I had all those years before.  The blueprint that would identify the best fit for each of them - to nurture their interests, encourage their curiosity and help them find their unique path in life. The blueprint that would ensure their best college fit so that we could avoid wasting time, money and energy in directions that would prove unfulfilling.

Over the last decade, in addition to homeschooling my own children, I have worked with hundreds of teen applying to college.  


From ACT tutoring to serving as an Alumni Interviewer for my alma mater, to aiding students directly in the college admissions process, I have seen countless families approach this process - often from similarly faulty blueprints, and realize that those families needed this information as much as 17-year-old Melissa did! 


The longer I hang around in homeschooling circles, the more I realized my fellow homeschooling families also need this blueprint as well , as so many are working off of misinformation or lack of information. So many have questions about the basic logistics of applying to college such as, What application do I use? How do we get scholarships so we can afford it? Or, what is involved in the application itself? and simply lack awareness of important deadlines that can be the difference between thousands in scholarship dollars versus thousands in debt.


My fellow homeschoolers also need the information that can ensure that they find their best college fit, with the least possible stress and the greatest amount of financial aid while they avoiding wasted time, money, effort.


And today, I'm excited to announce that this blueprint is ready for release!



Learn from my hundreds of hours of research and years of hands on experience to save yourself time, money, frustration and the regret of bad choices!



That's a total value of $1153.

Now, you do have alternatives.  


You could also hire a private educational consultant.  With this option, you get personalized, one-on-one coaching through the process of applying to colleges.  The total price tag for this?

But, how many of us have an extra $3000+ available!?  If you do, a personal consultant is hands down the best way to go.  


But I don’t want this information to be available only to those who have that kind of financial means.  I want YOU to have the same advantages and receive the same benefit of knowledge that is available to families who can spend $3000+ for each child just to be walked through the application process!


And so, I’ve taken my decade worth of experience and the hundreds of hours of research to bring you this product that can save you 4+ years of misplaced time and thousands of dollars in mistakes.


but I realize that still is not affordable for most families.  I get it.  You want what is best for your children, but it still needs to be within your financial means!


Because of that, I’m releasing the Homeschool to Higher Ed System today at the lowest rate possible.



And for a limited time, I'm adding 3 bonuses to this offer. 


Two additional modules, each valued at $129, and a third bonus, walking you through the Common Application itself, which is the most widely used and accepted of all college applications. 


The total value of these bonuses is $287.



Here's What Others Are Saying...

Your course is such a great resource that I didn't know we needed but I'm so thankful to have. Homeschool mom to 4 girls

"Homeschool to Higher Ed is an excellent resource for families with high school students preparing for college. With two daughters beginning to consider higher ed, I was unsure of where to begin with the college search and application process. The thought of what would be involved was overwhelming. Homeschool to Higher Ed is a thoughtful and thorough course that is broken out into 10 manageable sections including topics such as selecting a school, the admissions process, financial aid, and more. Each is summed up with helpful, specific action steps for moving forward. Melissa is highly qualified and offers valuable experience that has made the process of transitioning from high school to college or university seem possible. She has provided an invaluable resource that I would recommend to all homeschooling families with high school students." Katie Tiffner - Co-President of Anniston Christian Academy

Homeschool to Higher Ed

This course reveals the system that helps you identify your best college fit, for the least amount of stress, and the maximum amount of financial aid.


The "Ace-Homeschooler" Guarantee

You have my no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, I'll refund every penny you paid.

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